Current Research Projects

Project 1: Exploring the contact line dynamics of microdroplet confined on symmetric and asymmetric micropillar structure

Binjian Ma / Junhui Li / Li Shan

Description: Design of topological features can control the spreading of liquid in many different...

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Project 2: Characterizing the evaporation transport behavior of microdroplet confined on asymmetric micropillar structure

Li Shan / Runzhi Zhang / Xinyu Jiang

Description: Evaporation from a thin liquid film in wicking structure (e.g., microchannel, porous...

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Project 3: Shape optimization of Micropillar Geometry for Droplet Evaporation based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Abel Solomon / Haotian Wu / Junhui Li

Description: Evaporation from non-axisymmetric micropillars exhibits very distinctive diffusion m...

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Project 4: Investigation of Thin-Film Evaporation from Nanocoated Surfaces using Molecular dynamics Simulation

Binjian Ma / Rui Zhou

Nano-engineered surfaces have been shown to improve two-phase heat transfer performance through e...

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Project 5: Investigating Heat Transfer Performance of Graphene Coated Microchannels and Micropillars

Melissa McCann / Sharon Park

Graphene has one of the highest reported thermal conductivity (~2000 W m-1 K-1) to date, which st...

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