NSF Workshop – College Prep Program: “Beat the Heat”

College Preparation Program: “Beat the Heat” – Wettability and Two-Phase Heat Transfer

Dr. Damena Agonafer

June 19-22, 2018

Green Hall 3003, Washington University in St. Louis

This event was an exciting opportunity for seniors in high school to experience time in a university lab, where they learned the basic principles of heat transfer and how they are applied to cooling electronic chips. Students participated in three different labs, each one exploring a different way to cool a simulated chip. The first lab focused on air cooling methods involving a fan and a heat sink. Lab 2 made use of a water pump to move water across the surface of the chip. Lab 3 focused on two-phase cooling, where students used a boiling chamber to move the heat up to a waiting heat sink and a fan. Students also participated in tours of the IMSE facility and the NEIT Lab facility.